icon 1All Ergomasif wooden frames

carry leading international certifications of correct operation.

icon2Our primary concern

is to meet the specified delivery times to our customer regardless of the order quantity.

icon 3 afterWe provide after sales service

, which is undertaken either by our company's workshops or by our authorized partners.

icon 4 toolsThe specialized workshop

undertakes for us the process of taking the construction measures and the installation of the frames.

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Who we are

Quality and excellence

The company Ergomasif was founded in 2002.

Our goal is the production and distribution of wooden frames with certifications and top quality in the Greek market.

The process of design and production of wooden frames is undertaken by our specially trained technical staff, in state-of-the-art industrial units with the most advanced cutting and painting machines.

The construction for all wooden frames it is made according to the aesthetic and functional requirements of modern buildings.

At the same time, we make sure that all the conditions as set by European legislation are met. 

Naturally…for life

The benefits of wood

The use of wood as a building material has been around since ancient times. However, over the centuries, its technical uses are further developed and developed in combination with other materials (stone, concrete, metal) as well as in independent wooden constructions.

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