Large scale projects

To our credit as Ergomasif we have an impressive number of large projects throughout Greece. Our experience and expertise in installing wooden frames for large spaces, even in difficult environmental conditions, can and does provide unique solutions to even the most demanding projects.

With detailed study and planning, our experienced team proposes the appropriate solutions based on the needs of each project. We always take into account the unique architecture of each area and of each building. Our aim is to highlight the beauty and unique features of each building.

Our company's special consultant provides perfect construction and installation solutions in every case we are asked.

Ergomasif frames are accompanied by the necessary certifications – guarantees of proper operation.

The certifications concern the raw materials of wood, crystals, mechanisms, rubbers, silicones, paint as well as the final product

We attach great importance to all stages of production for all major projects

  • We guarantee the correct operation of the frames.
  • The construction measures are taken by the company's technicians.
  • The installation of the frames is done by the company's specialized workshops.

Ergomasif wooden frames. Trusted choices for life.

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