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Wooden ecological frames. Naturally… for life

Wood, a natural product, has been used as a building material since ancient times. However, over the centuries, its technical uses have been developed and further developed in combination with other materials (stone, concrete, metal) as well as in independent wooden constructions. The timelessness of wood is therefore unquestionable and is chosen in modern constructions as a safe, long-lasting and problem-free construction option. It is an ideal solution for modern bioclimatic and ecological homes.

With respect for the environment

The wood for the construction of the ecological frames comes from controlled tree planting and its felling is completely legal. When installing the frames, ecological paints, non-toxic silicones and ecological insulation materials are used.

Ergomasif wooden frames have a positive CO2 balance and significantly reduce energy consumption.

The wooden ecological frames, which are manufactured according to European standards such as Ergomasif frames, provide excellent thermal insulation in compared to frames made of conventional materials, thus helping to save energy and combat the greenhouse effect.

Why should I choose them?

  • The cost of wooden frames in the long term is lower compared to that of frames made of conventional materials such as metal or PVC.

  • The expected lifetime of wooden frames is at least three times longer than the corresponding conventional materials.

  • Damage to wooden frames can be repaired without any problems at all, while synthetic or other frames often require replacement.

  • Wooden frames are the most suitable for fire protection mainly due to their high resistance and their harmless combustion products. In the event of a fire, they have a safer behavior, since they burn at a slower rate while remaining solid and stable at the same time.

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