Production Units

Ergomasif wooden frames are manufactured exclusively by our factories. Our production facility is equipped with the most modern technological equipment and has all the genuine certificates. In this way we ensure and guarantee the quality of the final result.

Painting of frames

The painting of our products is done using robotic systems. In this way we ensure a perfect finish and resistance in extreme climatic conditions. This is how we maximize their lifespan and minimize wear and tear.

We continuously invest in the training of our people. Our human resources are specialized and specially trained. Our team is made up of designers, architects and craftsmen, specializing in timber framing.

At ergomasif we have taken care and have a separate R & D research and technology department, which is constantly evolving our wooden frames in terms of quality, specifications and aesthetics.


  • The expected lifetime of wooden frames is at least three times longer than the corresponding conventional materials.

  • Damage to wooden frames can be repaired without any problems at all, while synthetic or other frames often require replacement.

Our production units

We work with the most modern machines and specialized partners

Ergomasif special constructions

See some of the special constructions undertaken by our company

icon 1All our frames are accompanied by leading international certifications of correct operation

icon2Our top priority is meeting the agreed delivery times

icon 3 afterWe provide after sales service, from our company's workshops or from authorized partners

icon 4 toolsWe completely undertake the construction measures and the installation of the frames