Wooden frames for Hotels

We work with some of the largest hotels in our country, for which we design, redesign and install wooden frames of excellent quality. In this way, we take care and cover the modern energy the needs.

The architecture of each place and each project is unique. It brings together traditions and memories from the past. With the special frame constructions and the options we always make sure to provide our customer we respect the architectural and climatic requirements of each location. At the same time, we guarantee perfect final visual and quality result.

The ergomasif wooden frames can be placed in any area, seaside, mountainous, etc. without any problem at all thanks to the detailed study we implement. We take care to adapt and recommend products suitable for every environmental condition no matter how special.

Our wooden frames as well as all our products carry the German RAL certification.

Ergomasif wooden frames. Trusted choices for life.

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