Wooden frames in Naousa Paros. Design and placement at the Clementina Naousa Paros hotel.

Wooden frames Clementina Naousa Paros – Naousa Paros.

Completion of design, construction and installation of wooden frames at Clementina Naousa Paros in Naousa of Paros.

A complex with a clean, minimal and at the same time luxurious style is the ultimate destination for someone who seeks the comfort of privacy.

Minimal and timeless wooden frames were chosen for the apartments as well as the luxurious suites that highlight its special character. At the same time, we placed wooden soundproof doors ideal for hotels and wooden internal shades that offer absolute protection from the sun. A practical, smart and at the same time particularly beautiful choice.

The painting of the wooden frames was done with a special and modern color that "tied" harmoniously with the interior and exterior decoration of the premises .

See below photos of the project

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