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Wooden Windows-Balcony doors

Ergomasif is willing to stand by the need of the times, where now the beauty and warmth of the wooden frame must be combined with the tightness, the ergonomics and resistance over time

Thus, he created a series of frames with build quality as the main axis, combined with excellent construction materials and impeccable finish.

The wooden windows and balcony doors are available in all colors and construction designs always based on your own needs.

The materials used are subject to continuous and strict controls from their countries of origin as well as from reputable German quality certification institutes.

For wooden windows, as for all our products, installation is done by our own specialized workshop and we take full responsibility for the guarantee of perfect operation of our frames.

INO 68

ino 68 standart ξύλινο κούφωμα

The 68 mm thick wooden frame is a proven natural product that will ensure the most pleasant atmosphere for your building. The product is suitable for use in new construction and renovations.

INO 80

ξύλινο κούφωμα ino 80

The 80 mm thick wooden frame is a modern natural product with excellent thermal performance. It is suitable for use in new constructions and renovated buildings, while it can also be installed in low energy buildings.


ha 80 standart ξύλινο κούφωμα

The 80 mm thick wood/aluminum frame is a modern natural product with excellent thermal performance. It can be used equally well in new constructions and in renovated buildings while its use is also indicated for low energy buildings.

Slim 68L

profil slim σειρά ξύλινων κουφωμάτων

Minimal modern frames with thin sections that meet the high demands of modern architecture. New-age frames for large dimensions, high energy efficiency and distinctive design.

Sliding frames

συρώμενα κουφώματα ergomasif

Frames that connect the interior with the exterior.

Wooden windows and black doors

Below you can see some samples with wooden windows and balcony doors that our company has manufactured and installed.

icon 1All our frames are accompanied by leading international certifications of correct operation

icon2Our top priority is meeting the agreed delivery times

icon 3 afterWe provide after sales service, from our company's workshops or from authorized partners

icon 4 toolsWe completely undertake the construction measures and the installation of the frames

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