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Wood options


Wooden doors – Technical characteristics

  • Entrance doors 68mm, 78mm and 58mm thick
  • Multi-glued timber with 8mm solid lining.



  • Sandwich construction consisting of two surfaces of marine plywood and styrofoam in between, to avoid cracks due to temperature changes.
  • The closing of the panels is done with certified silicone, according to DIN18545 class E, in order not to create cracks at the joining points.
  • Several panel designs are available depending on the requirements of each construction.



  • 3 or 5 point safety lock.
  • Three-dimensional adjustable hinge system - Baka PROTECT 4010 3D FD.

Available options

  • TECTUS TE540 3D hidden hinge option.
  • Biometric fingerprint lock capability
  • The door provides anti-burglary protection according to DIN 18103.
  • Possibility of certified door according to DIN EN ISO 717-1 Rw 42Db>=42dB

Glass panes

The glass panes placed on the entrance doors, when the design has glass, are:

  • Standard energy double Triplex crystals. VSG 33.1mm / 14mm/ 4mm = 24mm Index Ug=1.1 (W/m2K), Rw=32dB.

Sealing rubbers

The rubbers placed on the wooden doors are double perimeter of high quality on the sheet, for absolute waterproofing, sound insulation and thermal insulation.

Frame bottom

All our wooden front doors are fitted with a standard aluminum casing for complete tightness. There is also the possibility of installing a windbreak.


The paint we use is electrostatic and is applied to all type colors RAL or in wood varnishes.

Wooden doors and front doors

Below you can see some samples of wooden front doors that our company has manufactured and installed.

icon 1All our frames are accompanied by leading international certifications of correct operation

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