Ergomasif frames: Why we stand out

  • Our many years of experience in the manufacture and installation of wooden frames make us pioneers in our industry.
  • Possibility of special constructions in collaboration with the architect-decorator and with the technical support of the factory.
  • Our company's special consultant provides perfect construction and installation solutions in every case we are asked.
  • Ergomasif wooden frames are German certified RAL, the acquisition of which is a goal for all timber frame manufacturing industries.
  • Ergomasif frames are accompanied by the necessary certifications – guarantees of proper operation.
  • The certifications concern the raw materials of wood, crystals, mechanisms, rubbers, silicones, paint as well as the final product.
  • We guarantee the correct operation of the frames.
  • The construction measures are taken by the company's technicians.
  • The installation of the frames is done by the company's specialized workshops.
  • Το after sales service πραγματοποιείται από συνεργεία της εταιρείας μας ή από τους κατά τόπους συνεργάτες μας πάντα με την δική μας εγγύηση.
  • Our immediate priority is meeting delivery times regardless of quantity or any technical difficulties.
  • We provide you with instructions for proper maintenance of the frames.
  • The frames are transported from the production unit to each project with the frames packed and secured.
  • Option to choose a swisspacer (channel) depending on the color of the frame.
  • Option for triple acoustic rubber on the case.
  • Ability to design frames by experienced technical staff.
  • The standard crystals installed in the frames are double energy thermal and sound insulating.
  • Ergomasif frames help save energy and combat the greenhouse effect.
  • Ergomasif frames are absolutely suitable for high-quality construction of passive energy buildings.

Photo Gallery

Indicative images of our projects

icon 1All our frames are accompanied by leading international certifications of correct operation

icon2Our top priority is meeting the agreed delivery times

icon 3 afterWe provide after sales service, from our company's workshops or from authorized partners

icon 4 toolsWe completely undertake the construction measures and the installation of the frames