Shading and protecting ourselves from the sun is something that concerns the whole world. Make the right choice, the one that suits you and will uniquely highlight your space. To regulate light, protect from the sun and decorate the exterior of your home, various designs of shutters, internal shades, wooden and aluminum blinds are available.

Ergomasif with many years of experience in the field, always with the right choice of materials and in collaboration with specialized and qualified architects - engineers, ensure the excellent result.

Choose from a wide variety of shading systems and see the available options.

External Shutters

εξωτερικά παντζούρια ergomasif

  • Grooved type plywood
  • Grooved with crosspieces or Z
  • Blade type
  • Blade type with moving grilles
  • Plated
  • Panel plywood carved
  • Panel with blades
  • Smile type

Internal Shutters

εσωτερικά σκιάδια ξύλινα παντζούρια ergomasif

The internal shutters serve and protect the interior spaces from overheating. At the same time, depending on their use, they give the ability to control the access of sunlight. Especially in the summer months they are a very good choice.

Rolling Shutters

ξύλινα ρολά ergomasif

  • Rolling shutters traditional line
  • Aluminum rolling shutters

Wooden shutters

Below you can see some samples of wooden shutters that our company has manufactured and installed.

icon 1All our frames are accompanied by leading international certifications of correct operation

icon2Our top priority is meeting the agreed delivery times

icon 3 afterWe provide after sales service, from our company's workshops or from authorized partners

icon 4 toolsWe completely undertake the construction measures and the installation of the frames

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